Welcome to The College Funding Project

The College Funding Project offers families the information and resources needed to create an easy-to-follow roadmap for financing a college education. 

Getting a college degree is a great way to prepare for a life that offers financial security and plenty of opportunities for you and your family.

We are here to help you on your journey, as you forge a path toward post-secondary education and ultimately your dream career. 

$tand By Me® ($BM) has partnered with the Delaware Higher Education Office to ensure that all high school seniors have a funding strategy to pay for college. Through the College Funding Project, $BM is working with principals and guidance counselors in Delaware high schools to develop college funding information and resources for students and their families. 

Don’t let money stand in the way. There is plenty of financial help available. This site is full of resources to help make your dream of a college education a reality.